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The Alabama Quail Trail is a thrust of private individuals, business, and conservation organizations that are passionate about quail and quail hunting. The purpose of the Alabama Quail Trail is to focus the interest and resources in quail hunting, quail research, and quail conservation in a manner that increases the expenditure in Alabama of recreational dollars associated with quail and quail hunting, improves quail habitat across the landscape, and ultimately improves quail numbers. Gains in each of these areas will also have a direct positive impact on rural economic development across Alabama. More precisely, our goal is to focus the interest and resources in Alabama to accomplish the following:

Capturing recreational dollars through:
Publicity and marketing efforts focused on rural areas in Alabama with existing quail hunting sites/opportunities.
Development of mechanisms and criteria for new quail hunting sites to tap into the same marketing system.
Demonstrations and research focused on public and private examples of:
quail habitat development - nesting cover; brood-rearing habitat; escape cover
successful results of quail population restoration activities
Habitat development and economic opportunity
On-the-ground technical assistance and incentives to affect voluntary private lands management that produces the critical nesting, brood-rearing, and escape cover habitats necessary for increasing wild quail numbers and rural economic development opportunities through quail hunting.
For more information, please contact:
Alabama Quail Trail
3050 Lanark Road
Millbrook, Alabama 36054
Jenks Parker - 334.224.5134
Frank Moorer - 334.315.2482